Lunula Laser: How it Works

The non-thermal Lunula Laser is an effective tool for treating onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

Research proved the Lunula Laser significantly increased clear nails over a 6 month period. The Lunula Laser targets the fungus and stimulates new clear nail growth. This patented red and violet visionary laser delivers an innovative, multifaceted approach of low level laser therapy in the form of 2 different wavelengths to the affected area. Likened unto the agnostic effect of a drug, the Lunula uses photonic energy to modulate cellular reactions that target the fungus, without any adverse reactions to the nail bed, toe or foot.

"The Lunula Laser worked well for me because I couldn't take the oral medications for toenail fungus. The outcome is pretty outstanding."
— C.P. Optima Foot and Ankle Patient

The Lunula Laser is the simple and painless solution to effectively treat onychomycosis. From baseline to 6 months post treatment patients experienced 6.15mm of new clear nail growth or 37% clearing of the nail.

The Lunula Laser® Advantage:
  • No Pain, No Downtime, and No Risk

  • 46% New Clear Nail Growth at 6 Months

  • No Dangerous Smoke Plumes

  • FDA Market Cleared for New Clear Nail Growth at 6 Months

  • 89% of Patients Respond

  • Made in the USA

The 1st and only non-thermal, touchless, painless treatment of toenail fungus to target the fungus and stimulate new clear nail growth.

"Fantastic! Where was this laser 15 years ago?" 
— D.D., Yamhill, OR, Optima Foot and Ankle Patient
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What are the advantages of the Erchonia Lunula onychomycosis laser device?

This device is unique in that it is the only true, dual diode, Class 2 laser that offers multiple benefits. The Lunula combines the anti-fungal effects of the 405 nm wavelength with the regenerative outcomes of a 635 nm wavelength.


The Lunula produces two wavelengths, 635 nm and 405 nm, both of which have been enriched by a proprietary rotating line-generated laser beam. The Lunula’s specially designed delivery mechanism maximizes both photon concentration and treatment surface area.

The Lunula’s patented delivery system ensures that all infected tissue, nail bed and most importantly, the proximal germinal/matrix tissue are properly targeted and treated.

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